Made for User Benchmark Studies
TestRockit was made for usability benchmark studies.

Repeat the same study with competitor products or prototype designs to assess where you stand against the market or which new design to choose.

TestRockit ensures reliable and repeatable measurement without experimenter bias or inter-experimenter reliability confounds (in short, humans tend to screw things up.  Let’s get them out and let the robots have it!).

TestRockit delivers usability metrics for success, efficiency, and satisfaction in compliance with the ANSI/INCITS-354 Common Industry Format (CIF) for Usability Test Reports.

Study Creation
Creating a usability study and task list is simple.  Just fill out a short form for study details and another form for each usability task.

Preview drafts of your usability study before committing to live testing.

Manage multiple usability studies at the same time.

Data Collection
Remote testing allows you to evaluate your site or app with users in their normal, everyday environments.

TestRockit usability studies are delivered through a web-based widget that presents the user tasks and collects their input.  No download is required for phone, tablet, or browser (desktop widget requires Silverlight).

Once your usability study is ready, send participants a link to the study in email.  When the study is launched, TestRockit opens the study widget in a browser and opens the web site/app being evaluated.

Prefer to run your studies onsite or in your own usability lab?  No problem.  Let TestRockit do your data collection and reporting while you focus on observation.

Reporting and Results
No more crunching numbers.  No more report writing.  No waiting for a report.

TestRockit collects the following measures:
  1. Time on task
  2. Task success and failure
  3. Task quitting ( you provide instructions to complete the task and users identify the step that caused them to fail )
  4. Task satisfaction
  5. Overall product satisfaction ( basic rating or Net Promoter Score )
Share usability results with stakeholders, friends, and family (ok, maybe not) by sending a link to the report.

And if you just can't help yourself, download the raw data in Excel for additional analysis.

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